Releases database: Cartridge details
Title: Diagnosticart 1.0
System: CreatiVision
Catalogue n.: No. 8101
Released in: Worldwide
Release date: 2009
Manufacturer: Italy CreatiVEmu Team
Distributor: Worldwide CreatiVEmu Team
Notes: Standard release, individually numbered box and cartridge (40 copies made). Box is signed by authors.
3 ROM programs included. Few PCB's have socket for EPROM.
Comes with 2-page manual and presentation letter.
Compatible with CreatiVision Mk-II.

Box(es): 90-1001-00 (1149 Kb)
Manual(s): 91-1001-00 (English) (80 Kb)
Overlay(s): n/a
Cart(s): cart (810 Kb)
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Diagnosticart 1.0 (promo) CreatiVision Worldwide CreatiVEmu Team No. 8101 2009 available available available