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Title: CSL Module
System: CreatiVision
Catalogue n.: n/a
Released in: Worldwide
Release date: 2015
Manufacturer: Europe CSL Team
Distributor: Worldwide CSL Team
Notes: Special cartridge designed by Kym Greenshields and Thomas Gutmeier (CSL Team).
It features an EPROM with a customised BASIC interpreter and 32Kb RAM expansion converting the CreatiVision into a fully fledged Laser 2001.
The package also includes an audio interface to use as a replacement to the standard cassette tape player.
Individually numbered box and PCB.
Instructions available for download from the producer's website.

Box(es): no code (626 Kb)
Manual(s): no code (English) (8 Kb)
Overlay(s): n/a
Cart(s): cart (195 Kb)
tape interface (93 Kb)
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