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Title: Crazy Pucker
System: CreatiVision
Catalogue n.: No. 8001
Released in: Worldwide
Release date: 1981
Manufacturer: Hong Kong VTech
Distributor: Worldwide VTech
Notes: Very first released game for CreatiVision. The game (a Pacman clone) was soon retired from market, and re-issued as Crazy Chewy and Crazy Moonie. Then again retired from market and re-issued as Crazy Chicky (with changed graphics and gameplay).

Box(es): 90-0058-00 *low resolution* (443 Kb)
Manual(s): 91-0066-00 (English) *low resolution* (181 Kb)
Overlay(s): missing file
Cart(s): missing file
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Filtered list System Distributor Cat. n. Year box man. over. cart
Crazy Moonie CreatiVision Worldwide VTech No. 8001 1981 missing missing missing available
Crazy Chewy CreatiVision Worldwide VTech No. 8001 1981 available missing available available