Releases database: Cassette details
Title: Demo Tape (C10, unknown)
System: CreatiVision
Catalogue n.: N/A
Released in: South Africa
Release date: 198?
Manufacturer: South Africa Telefunken MicroTEK
Distributor: South Africa Telefunken MicroTEK
Notes: Cassette of unknown origin, sourced by South African contributor Paul Rahme, containing a series of demonstration programs.

The original cassette was found without box and instructions, we don't know if there had ever been any. The first part of Side A had been overwritten with 8 short programs. The 9th track on Side A is what remains of one of the original programs. The track lacks the header. Therefore, we were able to recover the programs on Side B, and the last programs of Side A only.

A few programs are similar, or identical, to the ones present in the official CreatiVision Demo Tape, however there are a few additional ones which appear original, one of which was likely coded internally at MicroTEK.

Any piece of information on this cassette is highly sought after! Please contact us if you have useful information or a working copy of this cassette.

Box(es): missing information
Tape(s): tape (210 Kb)
Audio wave(s): wave (1 channel, 2 sides) * INCOMPLETE * (38652 Kb)
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