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Title: Levykeasema (Disk Drive)
System: Manager
Catalogue n.: FD 100A
Released in: Finland
Release year: 1984
Manufacturer: Hong Kong VTech
Distributor: Finland Salora
Notes: For use with Laser 2001/Salora Manager via a special interface to connect to the expansion port.
Power supply looks like the computer one, but it uses a different pinout/voltage making the two uncompatible.

Box(es): missing information
Manual(s): 91-0227-02 (Finnish, operating manual w/sticker) (135 Kb)
91-0205-09 (Finnish, DOS Handbook) (1073 Kb)
95-0130-02 (English, protection sheet) (159 Kb)
Picture pack(s): Pictures (640 Kb)
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