Here's a vast selection of links to websites and pages concerning CreatiVision and Laser 2001.

Site Description
A tale of Dick Smith's Wizzard a must-read article on the "Ausretrogamer" blog, written by Tasmanian contributor Aaron Clement, dated May 2016.
Barry Klein's Dick Smith Wizzard a small site by Barry Klein, founder of the "Wizzdom" newsletter which was quite popular in Australia in 1983-1985.
FunnyMu emulator official site of the good Funvision emulator by Paul Hayter, discontinued since 2002.
Giovanni Ortu's CvEmu2 homepage of my very good old friend Giovanni, my mate in the CreatiVEmu team, now author of the brilliant CvEmu2 emulator and cassette tape-to-text converter for BASIC programs.
John Pospisil's Dick Smith Wizzard a nice information page by my long time friend, John Pospisil, owner of Dick Smith Wizzard from the very early days.
Strange (and rare) Videogame Pics Fabrizio Pedrazzini's pages with interesting facts and pictures about Italian CreatiVision releases.
The Video Game Console Library a nice article regarding the rise and fall of CreatiVision, also featuring several pictures of all models and games.
Wikipedia's CreatiVision page the online freeware encyclopedia speaks about CreatiVision...

Here's a vast selection of links to websites and pages concerning classic gaming systems in general, though featuring CreatiVision-related contents.

Site Description
AtariAge the world's most comprehensive database of Atari classic console systems, including tons of pictures and reviews.
Classic Consoles Center collector Dieter Koenig's website with a lot of information, also featuring pictures of most PAL console systems - including CreatiVision.
Console Picture Page the most comprehensive picture & info catalog for classic pongs and consoles from the early seventies to the mid eighties.
GamePlan a great encyclopedia of game machines, available in German and English, also including CreatiVision. the site that showcases the most obscure and really rare items related to videogaming that eBay may offer.
Pelikonepeijoonit a Finnish game enthusiasts museum with loads of pictures and articles, especially on the Salora Manager peripherals. one of the biggest collection of old computers and game consoles in Finland, also including Salora Manager stuff.