MegaSDCart v1.0

Firstly, this is NOT an official CreatiVEmu release. This is a homebrew product designed and produced by an Austrian CreatiVision fan Thomas Gutmeier and Scottish programmer Kym Greenshields.


For about one year, Thomas and Kym worked tiredlessly on their most ambitious project: to create the "ultimate" experience for all CreatiVision fans. A natural evolution of their previous miracle cartridge, the CSL Module, the new MegaSDCart lets the user load and save programs directly on a common SD card. And, additionally, they can enjoy a few nice features such as music player, hex editor, file compressors and expanded BASIC capabilities. The cartridge is operated via the joystick and an on-screen menu.

The cartridge houses all circuits, a 32 KB expansion and an Arduino board - all encased in a specially printed 3D shell that comes in black and orange. And the commercial version also contains a SD card packed with CreatiVision programs (some of which specifically designed to work with the MegaSDCart).

Even though it's not a CreatiVEmu team product, we guys at CreatiVEmu are truly happy to "sponsor" this product, because we feel it's a must-have for all CreatiVision enthusiasts.


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- compatible with CreatiVision, Creativision MK-2 and all variants (*)
- Arduino Nano included
- MicroSD Adapter (to standard SD)
- MicroSDcard containing ROMs, demos, homebrews and MegaSDCart-specials
- 3D-printed case (choice of orange or black) - Online manual available at the Sourceforge repository
(*) not working on Laser 2001 and Salora Manager; untested on NTSC CreatiVision

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