Multicart v1.0

After years spent thinking about building a single cartridge featuring all CreatiVision games and programs for use with our beloved console units, my friend Giovanni Ortu (author of the CvEmu2 emulator) and I finally decided to produce it for real.

While we were collecting ideas, we got so excited by the incredible hype and feedback we were receiving that we decided to build a few more copies for both us and our friends who wanted a copy too... Finally, we ended up setting up 100 numbered copies with a full deluxe package and the same look as the classic CreatiVision cartridges!

This production was very expensive and we also spent a lot of time and effort in making it: we had to design a steel mould and buy it from China, order loads of EPROMs and electronic components from the USA, PCB's from Italian retailers, and boxes/manuals/overlays from expensive print shops... in the end, we really spent much more than we had planned. But we had fun doing this, and we're sure you'll appreciate the effort and quality!

Multicart v1.0 is something we're very proud of. Lots of friends from all over the world contributed by providing their ideas, original software which we dumped and included in the cart, precious informations, suggestions, etc. So we feel we need to share this success with them. Thank you guys!


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- Click to view the Making of... video on YouTube
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- individually numbered deluxe cardboard box with internal cartridge holder
- 12-page booklet featuring instructions for all included games
- 8 Mega-bit EPROM including up to 32 ROM games/programs
- professional PCB featuring a 5-way DIP Switch to easily select included ROM games/programs
- 100% compatible with CreatiVision, Dick Smith Wizzard, Funvision, Rameses, Laser 2001 and Salora Manager
- carts #1 to #80 are uncompatible with CreatiVision Mark-II model. problem was solved on carts #81 to #100
- specially designed plastic case with individually numbered classic title stickers
- 6 cardboard joystick overlays, for use with all featured games/programs
- limited edition to 100 copies. no reprint scheduled
- list of featured games/programs:

Air/Sea Attack
Astro Pinball
Auto Chase
BASIC (1982 version, R1)
BASIC (1982 version, R2)
BASIC (1983 version)
BASIC (1983 version, speed hack)
BASIC (V.1 version)
Chopper Rescue
Crazy Chicky
Crazy Pucker/Crazy Moonie/Crazy Chewy
Deep Sea Adventure
Ha.P. Monitor

Mouse Puzzle
Music Maker
Planet Defender
Police Jump (later, R2)
Sonic Invader
Stone Age
Tank Attack
Tennis (Coca Cola/Sprite)
Tennis (Dick Smith)
Tennis (Wimbledon)
Werben Informieren - German demo sampler
Werben Informieren - English translation

As of October 2008, Multicart is sold out. 98 carts were sold, that's all except #1 and #100, which will go on auction on Ebay sooner or later, in special packages with additional prints, schematics and prototype stuff.

We shall inform people via this website, soon before auctions are running.