Multirom by TrevisoRC

First of all let's make sure you know that this is NOT an official CreatiVEmu release. This is a homebrew product designed and produced by Italian CreatiVision fans Francesco Brolli, Paolo Carrer and Luca Zoia of the Treviso RC group.


Francesco and Paolo contacted the CreatiVEmu community through the Forum in 2013, in search of technical information and data-sheets of the CreatiVision console and cartridges.

It didn't take long for them to decide to produce a multi-game cartridge, similarly to the long-time sold out Multicart V1.0 and Diagnosticart V1.0.

Forum users have showed lots of interest into the project, so the cartridge has been tested during the first half of 2014 and it's currently on sale. Please fill the form below to order your copy.

Even though it's not a CreatiVEmu team product, we guys at CreatiVEmu are truly happy to "sponsor" this great product!


[click pictures to enlarge]

- professional PCB featuring a 5-way DIP Switch to easily select included ROM games/programs
- 8 Mega-bit EPROM including 31 ROM games/programs
- 100% compatible with CreatiVision, Dick Smith Wizzard, Funvision, Rameses, Laser 2001 and Salora Manager
- special packaging and 4-page colour booklet
- very limited edition, individually numbered
- list of featured games/programs:

Part 1: The commercial cartridges by VTech
Air/Sea Attack
Astro Pinball
Auto Chase
Basic (1982, Release 1)
Basic (1982, Release 2)
Basic (1983, Release 3)
Basic (1983, Release 4)
Chopper Rescue
Crazy Chicky
Crazy Pucker/Moonie/Chewy
Deep Sea Adventure (fixed graphics)
Mouse Puzzle
Music Maker
Planet Defender (fixed graphics)
Police Jump (Release 1, earlier)
Police Jump (Release 2, later)

Sonic Invader
Stone Age
Tank Attack
Tennis (Coca Cola/Sprite)
Tennis (Dick Smith Championship)
Tennis (Wimbledon Championship)
Part 2: The diagnostic cartridges by VTech
Diagnostic "A" - Video test
Diagnostic "B" - Keyboard test
Part 3: The homebrew software
Basic (1983, speedup hack by Barry Lee Klein)
Hapmon (by Richard Hayter)
Diagnostic Demo (by Kurt Woloch)
Part 4: The demo cartridge by VCCS
Werben Informieren (original version)
Werben Informieren (English ver. by MADrigal and Reini)

As of February 2016, Multirom is sold out. A new batch of cartridges will be produced when a minimum quantity of 12 pre-orders is reached.

Please make contact with the authors at Treviso RC to place your pre-order.


Price: The package is available in two formats:
- Standard numbered package: 39,- Euro
- Do-it-yourself kit (unnumbered): 35,- Euro

Shipping: registered airmail from Italy w/tracking ID and signature on delivery:
- to Italy: 6.70 Euro
- to Europe and Mediterranean Africa: 10.60 Euro
- to America, Asia and Africa: 13.75 Euro
- to Australia/Oceania: 15.- Euro

Payments: Paypal and bank transfer are accepted worldwide. Paypal buyers must pay the transaction fees or send payment as "gift to a friend". Italian buyers can pay by Postepay.

For more information or purchasing a copy of the Multirom, please fill in the form below and Francesco will reply to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to also visit the Treviso RC website.