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13th July, 2008
A few very good news today for Amiga users: Amigan Software just released the Amiga-OS porting of FunnyMu Unofficial 0.48 - I've just been notified by James Jacobs (the author) himself! You can get the file from their website, or from our Emulators page.

Some more new contents on the Releases/Software database:
- BASIC (international, manual)
- Crazy Chicky (reissue, box)
- Tank Attack (reissue, cartridge) with different sticker and named "Tank"
- Tennis (reissue, cartridge) with small font on sticker


16th June, 2008
Today's main news is right on the top of this page, and it reads "Forum".
Too many times I thought that CreatiVision fans and enthusiasts deserve to have a place to gather and discuss as a true "community". Collector Dieter Koenig and I tried to offer people a forum last year, but we then had to delete it due to excess of spam subscriptions. The new forum looks much more secure, is set to discuss software, hardware, collecting and I personally designed a skin and avatars matching this website's graphics!
Let's make this a true community on the new CreatiVEmu Forum!

Now let's go on with the other news!

I recently came across a Deep Sea Adventure cart and, as I opened it, I found 2 EPROMs containing a 6 KB ROM program, instead of the usual 8 KB program I usually found. I dumped the EPROMs and now you can get the "new" ROM from the usual ROM Programs page.
Obviously I'm releasing the new version of the CreatiVE-UI interface (release 1.06) featuring information on the newly added ROM.

Another great news from the "emulation" area: my good old friend Giovanni Ortu was finally able to update his CvEmu2 emulator (release 0.6.1) now including a nice in-game menu allowing players to save game state, load/save BASIC listings and screenshots. Unluckily the audio emulation isn't available yet, but Giovanni told me he's gonna release a new version soon, so stay tuned!

Some new great pictures were added to the Releases/Hardware database. Listing the hardware:
- CreatiVision Mk-II console (international, box)
- CreatiVision console (Switzerland, box)
- Rameses console (international, pictures)
- Funvision console (international, box)
- VZ-2000 console (Australia, pictures)
- Moving-key keyboard (international, box and manual)

Plus a couple of game boxes and manuals scans which you can grab from the Releases/Software page:
- Auto Chase (Germany, box and manual)
- BASIC (International, box)
- Planet Defender (Germany, manual)
- Tennis (Germany V2, box)
- Tennis (Australia V1, box)

Thanks go to Adrian Scheel, Basilio Lenzo, Paul Hayter, Giovanni Ortu and Norman Pelz.

Last but not least, as a member of the CreatiVEmu team I was invited to join the Video Games History 2008 which took place in Monza (Italy) on May 23/25, 2008. The CreatiVision system caused much interest in most visitors, and we even had the chance to set a "Sonic Invaders" tournament in "2-players versus" mode! I'll soon post pictures and a full report on the CreatiVEmu Forum!

18th April, 2008 
A load of updates to almost every area of the website, and yes we finally have a new version of the FunnyMu emulator! Let's see what's inside:

Many new entries added to the Releases/Hardware database. Listing the hardware:
- CreatiVision console (Hong Kong)
- CreatiVision console (Australia, re-release by Bente International)
- CreatiVision console (Sweden)
- Moving-key keyboard (international)

Plus a bunch of game boxes and manuals scans available on the popular Releases/Software page:
- Police Jump (1985 reissue)
- Sonic Invader (international)
- Crazy Chicky (Sweden)
- Tank Attack (Sweden)
- BASIC (international manual, covers only)
- BASIC (Italian manual, PDF format)
- BASIC (Australian Wizzard manual, PDF format)

Many papers submitted by contributors all over the world to the Articles, Books and Flyers pages:
- CreatiVision system (Australian promo flyer)
- Happy computer #05/83 (German magazine)
- Teknik för Alla #11/83 (Swedish magazine)
- Video Giochi #11 (Italian magazine)
- Neckermann KatalogWelt spring 1984 (German mail-order catalogue)
- Heim-Computer Report '84 (German book)
- Heim-Computer Report '85 (German book)

Last but not least, there's the new "unofficial" FunnyMu 0.48 emulator for Windows (source code available for Windows and Linux) in the Emulators page. There's a major addition by Paul Hayter, author of the original version, who recently contacted me and offered an private build and source code of his emulator. Here's what's new:

 0.48 unofficial
 * fixed bug in audio emulation, thanks to Paul Hayter's fix from the private
   unreleased FunnyMu 0.44
 * minor cleaning to source code

Greetings and thanks for the new stuff go to: Russell Cranwell, Rikard Ljungkvist, Anders Carlsson, Norman Pelz, Jens Brinkmann, Richard Hennesy and (of course!) Paul Hayter. Thanks a lot!

24th January, 2008
Major updates and releases today, both for reading and playing! This is probably gonna be the last update for some time, because other tasks keep me away from finding new stuff for the website - I wish you enjoy today's news!

There's a very important addition to the Releases/Software database: Germans should be happy because I scanned the complete German BASIC manual (very rare version printed on A4 sheets!) and turned it into a superb 1,5 MBytes PDF file.

Similar additions to the Books page: thanks to very nice contributor Norman Pelz, I added scans from Tele-Spiele Report'84, a rare German book printed in 1983, featuring a 4-page chapter on the CreatiVision. I then scanned the complete First Book of Programs for the D.S. Wizzard and turned it into another sturdy 2,7 MBytes PDF file!

Last but not least, there's a load of new files in the BASIC Programs page. Let's start with a bunch of BASIC listings taken from the "First Book of Programs". I tested, fixed and saved them to plain text file, making them available for use with the FunnyMu 0.47 emulator. Here's the list of new programs:

 Computer Story
 Graphics Example Program
 Letter Guesser
 Magic Patterns
 Maths Quiz
 Music Box
 Music Machine
 Number Guesser
 Rowe's Relaxation Therapy
 Space Style Character Set
 Test Marker
 What Day of the Week is it?
 Wizzard Clock
 Wizzard Mind
 Wizzard Word

Good news from programmer Kurt Woloch, who updated his gorgeous Titanic Frogger demo, which now works also on real hardware (the first version worked properly on emulator only), and there's also the new Christmas Demo, previously available on the Special Edition Multicart (sold through Ebay on a charity auction to support Amnesty International). Both demos are available with their full source code - we strongly wish this helps talented programmers willing to enter the leet CreatiVision demo scene! Here's the list of files:

 Christmas Demo 1.0 + source code
 Titanic Frogger Demo 1.1 + source code

The newly released ROMs informations and screenshots were of course added to CreatiVe-UI, the friendly interface for use with FunnyMu 0.47:

 CreatiVe-UI 1.05

That's all folks...

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