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9th November, 2009
Here we are with a new "big" site update.

I've been recently contacted by my long-time South African friend, Paul Rahme, who now lives in UK. He sent me many pictures of his South African CreatiVision, peripherals and games, all branded by Telefunken MicroTEK. I made a deep search on those pictures, got a few additional informations, and came to know that the console apparently sold in South Africa *before* than in Europe!

Of course you can download pictures of the console, the cassette tape player (with box), and six game manuals from the usual Releases/Hardware and Releases/Software pages.
Oddity: the tape player is named "Cassette interface module" instead of "Cassette storage module".

As a nice addition, Paul also sent me a copy of a wonderful 4-pages flyer from South Africa, showing the console, peripherals and games, even having a brief introduction to almost all of the commands of the BASIC interpreter! Grab the flyer as a PDF file from the Flyers database.

Time to do some reading. Two Italian friends, Mario Verdi and Mauro Spadazzi, sent me a few scans from Italian magazines and books. Mario sent scans from the "Dizionario dei VideoGame" book - that's a pocket encyclopedia of videogames, where CreatiVision is also mentioned. Mauro sent scans from articles appearing on issues 2 and 3 of Italian magazine "Computer Games".

And it's now time for emulators! Nineteen months after the release of FunnyMu 0.48 Unofficial, I'm now releasing FunnyMu 0.49 Unofficial with a top-wanted feature: fullscreen mode. Here's what's new:

 0.49 unofficial
 * added fullscreen mode (select fullscreen/windowed option on funnymu.ini
   config file)
 * minor fixes here and there, and cleanings to source code

Executable is available for Windows, and source code is available for Linux users. The new CreatiVe-UI 1.08 graphics interface helps Windows users to configure and launch emulator. All files available for download on the Emulators page.

7th November, 2009
I've been recently asked to join the MESS team, in order to improve the CreatiVision driver. The existing driver was yet very good in terms of quality, but had many mistakes related to the memory maps, optional peripherals emulation, non working ROMs, and informations regarding the console models and revisions.

Fixing it was not as hard as I thought at first: it took me a few hours to install the dev environment and apply all bug fixes. In a result, the "new" driver was successfully included in the MESS source code almost immediately.

The world famous multi-emulator (brother to MAME) now emulates all versions of the console and its clones to an even better level, making it probably the best CreatiVision emulator around.

Thanks a lot to the MESS guys for allowing me to join in. You can grab emulator with GUI, and source codes from the official MESS website.

30th September, 2009
Here's huge updates today!

First of all, I wish to thank mr. Mauro Spadazzi from Rimini (Italy) for scanning and emailing me three articles concerning CreatiVision from a couple of ultra rare Italian magazines, that's Electronic Games and Computer Games. I never even heard about those articles before! Read them from the Articles page.

Now let's speak about new files. This time I'm proudly releasing the two ultra-rare diagnostic programs I got last year, and Giovanni Ortu dumped a few months ago. In addition, there's also the Diagnostic Demo by talented programmer Kurt Woloch. All three programs were originally included in the Diagnosticart cartridge. As for emulation, unfortunately not all of the three work on current versions of FunnyMu and CvEmu2, and we're still attempting to fix them in order to run the new ROMs correctly. Get files from the ROM Programs page.

Last but not least, there's a new CreatiVe-UI graphics interface for use with FunnyMu emulator. Version 1.07 is available for download on the Emulators page.

28th July, 2009
Diagnosticart sold out in a while, and was a big success! In the meantime I kept on searching for new informations for this website, in order to keep this project alive and fresh for all users.

I recently put my hands on a very odd Police Jump cartridge (Australian edition by Dick Smith) with an "obscure" orange sticker on front. New scans are available at the usual Releases/Software page.

3rd May, 2009
While we're producing Diagnosticarts (will ship next week!) I stumbled upon new "obscure" items which recently surfaced in Germany:
- an odd BASIC instructions manual in German language, printed on A4 paper with a computer printer (looks like an earlier version of the more common instructions manual typed on a typewriter);
- a stunning "CreatiVision Demo Tape" with very very interesting content, quite different to the common "Wizzard Demo Tape"

I immediately added all stuff to this website archives. You can grab the new BASIC manual (in PDF format), and pictures and WAV recording of the "CreatiVision Demo Tape" from the Releases/Software page.
You can download the BASIC listings which were included in the tape too, in plain text format (for use with the FunnyMu emulator) from the BASIC Programs page.

Thanks to my old-time friend Adrian Scheel from Germany, for providing such incredible stuff!

22nd March, 2009
Pre-orders for the forthcoming Diagnosticart were closed on March 16th. We originally planned to produce 30 carts, but in the end we got 40 pre-orders. We're currently manufacturing all the needed stuff, and will contact buyers as soon as we're done!

1st March, 2009
I spent the past 6 months designing the new website, re-scanning most of the previously available boxes, manuals, carts, etc. to a higher resolution, adding a ton of new stuff... and well I'd never think it would be a such long and hard work!
But in the end I'm done, thanks to lots of friends who contributed by sending new stuff. Guys, you do deserve a special big thanks: Anders, Massimiliano, Federico, John, Jens, Reinhard, Frèderic, Adrian... too many to list this time!

Since the website's been rewritten completely, I won't point you to a specific area, but I suggest you to view all the available pages, with a focus on the new "Releases database" and "Articles" pages: they're truly full of precious informations, lots of new articles and obscure stuff!

Last but not least, look at the new project by CreatiVEmu Team: Diagnosticart: it's a brand new "multicart" with very special (and rare!) contents and a new package, released in very very limited quantity for true CreatiVision fans only!

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