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23rd September, 2011
It's been a very very long time since last update - more than one year! By the way I've not been inactive... on the contrary I spent lots of time and effort in getting new stuff for the Online Database of manuals, boxes, etc.

I found very rare stuff which I could picture and scan, like an obscure console coming from Hong Kong, labeled "UK Version" (though CreatiVision was never released in the UK!) with odd stickers on console box, to hide the Crazy Pucker artwork, even including a free Tennis game with a similar sticker on the box!
I found more obscure items like the 1st variation of the Zanussi CreatiVision with different box than the two other versions. Plus scans from the rare Italian tape module and rubber-key keyboard.
I also got a ton of scans from Swedish CreatiVision games on cartridge and cassette, as well as hardware and the wonderful BASIC manual in Swedish!
Plus the usual ton of scans of game manuals, boxes, overlays, etc, making this the most comprehensive online museum of CreatiVision items.
And last but not least, scans from the rare Swiss CreatiVision console manuals.

Credits go to Anders Carlsson from Sweden, Ivan from Hong Kong, Basilio Lenzo and Gianni Cavalieri from Italy, Terry Herman from the USA.

Grab all files from the popular Releases/Hardware and Releases/Software pages!

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