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2nd July, 2017

Today's addition to our database is a long-awaited one! It took me sixteen years to find a boxed complete copy of the rare Funvision BASIC Interpreter cartridge. But after putting my hands on it and having the chance to review it, I must admit that was well worth the wait!

Upon accurate comparison of the newly found manual with the older revisions in my possession (CreatiVision, Wizzard and Rameses), I note this is the most recent one in chronological order and incorporates all the improvements and amendments that were originally included in separate "erratum" sheets included with the previously released manuals.

Furthermore, one figure in the manual shows the console labeled as "Datavision", which I believe was the likely name of the Funvision before its actual release on the market. Reference to "Datavision" were also found in an article published on Tilt 07/1983.

Below is the link to the new entry:

- BASIC Interpreter 1.0 (Funvision) - box and manual

Furthermore, I have added new photos and scans of the console box of the rare "Black Box" Dick Smith Wizzard being the very last version sold through Dick Smith, with an unique box artwork. Link below:

- Wizzard X-1600 (Dick Smith Electronics) - box and pictures

12th April, 2017

After a long search, I finally managed to find the rare Japanese edition of a few games. I have just scanned boxes and manuals and added the new scans to our database, as indicated below. I hope you enjoy the files!

- KURE-JI PAKU (Crazy Paku) - box and manual at high resolution (Cheryco, Japan)
- CHIKYUU BOUEIGUN (Earth Defense Force) - box and manual at high resolution (Cheryco, Japan)
- PORISU JAMPU (Police Jump) - box and manual at high resolution (Cheryco, Japan)

14th March, 2017

Today's piece of news concerns the addition of a huge amount of scanned articles, letters, books and promotional flyers to our archive. Furthermore, I have finally got a rare Israeli CreatiVision - which photos are also now included in our database.

The list of newly added materials is quite impressive and I truly hope that you download all the files and enjoy them as much as I do!

Articles: one of the largest updates to this section ever! Most of the new files are articles that were originally published on U.S. magazines in 1982-83, concerning the soon-to-be release of the CreatiVision in North America.
One article in particular is extremely important as it tells the story of the Atari-vs-VTech Court Case related to the infringement of the Pac-Man license through the "Crazy Moonie" game.
Huge thanks to Anders Carlsson and Jarkko Pitajamaki for sourcing the newly added articles, listed below:
- Hong Kong Court action hits Pac-Man imitators - Billboard (U.S.A.)
- In Focus - InfoWorld (U.S.A.)
- Mikrot Rivissa - Printti (Finland)
- New Home Computers at the Winter CES - Compute! (U.S.A.)
- News Products - Electronic Fun with Computer & Games (U.S.A.)
- Stalking the East-Asian Microcomputer - Byte (U.S.A.)
- What's new - Radio-Electronics (U.S.A.)

Books: Mauro Spadazzi has provided scans of a rare Italian book, a sort of mini-encyclopedia of video game consoles also mentioning the CreatiVision system and games.
- I Computer Games - Italy 1985

Flyers: scans of mega rare flyers from Australia and Japan, and the official Membership Form to subscribe the (now defunct) Laser Computer Club!
- CreatiVision (later A4 flyer) (Cheryco, Japan)
- Hanimex Rameses personal computer/video entertainment system (Hanimex, Australia)
- Laser Club membership form (VTech, Hong Kong)

Letters and Original Docs: this brand new section hosts scans of original documents such as purchase receipts of CreatiVision-related items as well as letters sent by VTech, Dick Smith Electronics, computer clubs and other companies. All the materials are reproduced under permission of the owners/authors.
This section is dedicated to the memory of one of the longest-time contributors of this project, mr John Pospisil of Sydney. He sold me most of the letters a few months before passing away in November 2011. Rest in peace, John!
- 4 letters from Dick Smith Electronics (Australia)
- 1 letter from VTech featuring the games price list for 1986 (Hong Kong)
- 1 letter from the Wizzard User Club founder (Australia)
- 1 letter regarding game trades between two enthusiasts (Australia)
- 1 purchase receipt from a Dick Smith Electronics store (Australia)

Releases/Hardware: photos of the ultra-rare Israelian variant of the CreatiVision, the "Educat 2002".
- Educat 2002 (Israel) - photos

Releases/Software: scans of rare game boxes, manuals and cartridges provided by Tim Venn, Jarkko Pitajamaki, Marko Santamaki and Christopher John.
- Auto Chase - instructions manual and cartridge at high-resolution (Funvision)
- BASIC Interpreter 1.0 - box and manual (CreatiVision, South Africa)
- Locomotive - box and cartridge (Salora Manager)

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