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24th November, 2018

After days and days of hard working, I have finally added complete Italian and English subtitles to the video that myself and my friend Massimo shot last 14th July, being the second part of the "World's biggest CreatiVision collection" series.

The video is available at this URL. Subtitles for "Part 3" of the interview (also recorded on 14 July) are in the works and will be published in a few weeks - so stay tuned!

One other noticeable piece of news relates a new homebrew cartridge which has just recently been published by my long time friend Gabriele (aka G72Labs): the Megacart - a photo of which is shown below.

Only a dozen of these cartridges were made, and they are almost sold out now. Don't miss to contact the author via his Ebay profile. Photos of the cartridge and scanned manual are available, as usual, on the Releases/Software - Cartridges page. Enjoy!

30th September, 2018

During my last holiday back home, last July, I caught up with Massimo, one of my oldest friends and videogames enthusiast. He insisted on viewing my collection of CreatiVision items, that is believed to be "the biggest in the world".

It was a pleasure to meet with him on that sunny summer day, and record the video interview on Facebook Live". The video was then uploaded to my Youtube channel a few days later, in Italian speech and without subtitles.

Now, after more than one month of hard work, I have created and added full subtitles in English and Italian!

The video is available at this URL. Part 2 and 3 of the interview, recorded a few days later, are also available on my Youtube channel, however they still lack the English subtitles. I am working on them and hope to be finished by October - so stay tuned!

21st April, 2018

First post this year. Spent the past few months doing research into the CreatiVision as usual, and this time I bring a whole lot of updates and new discoveries!

The most exciting piece of news is definitely the recent discovery of original cassette tapes featuring software for the CreatiVision and Laser 2001, which were totally obscure before. And, based on the information and catalogue numbers now in our possession, I strongly believe that many more cassettes were released, that haven't surfaced yet!

The content of almost every cassette was saved to PC audio file (wav) and then converted into text and cas files for use with the CreatiVision emulators and text editors, thanks to the usual tools made by Giovani Ortu and Kym Greenshields (who I thank a lot!). Also thanks to Baz from Canberra and Ian Baronofsky for sourcing the cassettes.

More news: an old article on the CreatiVision was found on an Italian magazine and provided by Mauro Spadazzi, photos of the rare retail version of DSW keyboard/joysticks were provided by Nick Stotter, and lastly I put my hands on rare Funvision and Rameses stuff that I then scanned and added to the archive.

All new additions are listed below:

- Nel labirinto elettronico (scans of article from "Panorama" 12/1983)

- Left and right keyboard/joysticks (pictures)

Releases/Software - Cartridges
- Astro Pinball (Funvision) (scan of box at high resolution)
- Galaxy Defender aka Planet Defender (Rameses) (manual)
- Tank Battle aka Tank Attack (Rameses) (manual)

Releases/Software - Cassette tapes
- 3-6-9 (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)
- Air/Sea Attack (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)
- Align 4 (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)
- Depreciation System (VTech for CV) (scan of box and tape only)
- Grandfathers Gold (VTech for CV) (audio file only, 99% working, to be fixed)
- Hang Man (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)
- Maths Fun 1 (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)
- Matrix (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)
- Sonic Invader (VTech for Laser 2001) (scan of box and tape; audio file)

Emulators/BASIC programs
- 3-6-9 (VTech for Laser 2001) (TXT and CAS files)
- Align 4 (VTech for Laser 2001) (TXT and CAS files)
- Grandfathers Gold (VTech for CreatiVision) (TXT and CAS files)
- Hang Man (VTech for Laser 2001) (TXT and CAS files)
- Maths Fun 1 (VTech for Laser 2001) (TXT and CAS files)
- Matrix (VTech for Laser 2001) (TXT and CAS files)

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