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12th May, 2019

First post this year. Today's update is all about two topics mainly: the third part of my interview on Youtube dated 2018 and new amazing findings of Salora Manager items.

Let's go straight to the first piece of news then. Again, after weeks of hard working, I was able to add Italian and English subtitles to the 3rd part of the interview that my long time friend Massimo Serpillo and I did in July 2018.
On this last part of the interview, we switch on one of my CreatiVisions and play and test a number of games and programs. The video lasts about 30 minutes.

The video is available at this URL.

The second batch of pieces of news is about the Finnish variant of the Laser 2001 computer, the Salora Manager.
Other than having recently bought numerous extremely rare pieces of software and hardware, my long time friend Jarkko from Finland has also provided scans of more items which I do not own. We are currently trying to gather as many scans of original software diskettes, manuals and flyers. Here is the complete list of items added to this website update:

- Salora Manager - Mikroihme luokassaan (1-page advertisement)
- Salora Manager - Mikrotietokone (2-page promo flyer)

Letters & Original Documents
- Delivery note (1 game) (1-page delivery note for Police Jump)

Releases/Software - Cartridges
- Astro Pinball (Laser 2001) (newly discovered item! Scan of cartridge)

Releases/Software - Floppy disks
- Laskutus (Billing program) (Salora Manager) (scans of box and diskette)
- Merkkieditori (Character Editor) (Salora Manager) (scans of box and diskette)
- Kortisto (Database) (Salora Manager) (scans of box and diskette)
- Esittely-Levy (Demo Disk) (Salora Manager) (scans of box and diskette)
- Suosikkipelit (Games collection) (Salora Manager) (scans of box and diskette)

Lastly, after more than 10 years of search, I have finally found a fully working ColecoVision Module to buy (not for cheap!). I have tested it on my Salora Manager and took two videos of the system in action.
The videos are available at these URLs:
- Coleco Donkey Kong
- Coleco Q*Bert

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