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Re: Text/Graphic adventures

Post by Mobsie » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:55 am

Here we can use the normal Bitmap Mode, like i do now i Galaxy Ranger.
In this mode we have 3 x 256 different tiles/char. So we can split the screen and use 2/3 for the graphics and the other 1/3 for text.
Each of the 3 screen parts have his own charset, so we can use for the text a full charset to write.
And for the 2/3 graphics part we can define 512 different tiles or we use as normal Bitmap and use commands like line, fill etc. like TOM write.

If we use it for bitmap we don`t need ROM space because we draw the graphics with commands.

If we use tiles, we can pack them like i do now and unpack direct to the vram.

I think now, is an interesting idea from carlson because we have the keyboard.
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