CreatiVision and Laser 2001 in movies! :-)

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CreatiVision and Laser 2001 in movies! :-)

Post by MADrigal » Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:02 pm

CreatiVision and Laser 2001 appear on a few movies:

- from "Fantozzi Subisce Ancora" (second chapter in the "Fantozzi" comic movies saga):

Laser 2001 (and laser 3000) - thanks Mobsie for pointing me here ;)
- Laser 2001 appearing on a Chinese movie:
- Laser 3000 also appearing on the same movie:
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Re: CreatiVision and Laser 2001 in movies! :-)

Post by carlsson » Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:47 pm

Yes, I've seen that Laser 2001 entry on Starring the Computer before.

It makes me wonder if VTech really promoted the computer as a device to play Colecovision and Atari 2600 games through a bunch of extra adapters, or if that is a modern urban legend that certain sites like to stick with. I notice that the description on Old-Computers is rather biased, although not technically incorrect. Then again I sent the administration on Old-Computers an email with details to check & correct some years ago but never heard a word from them. Perhaps I should try to contact the admin (Mike IIRC) through their forum, perhaps they listen more to comments that way.
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