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Farewell John Pospisil

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:02 am
by MADrigal
I have just came to know that John Pospisil, one of the very earliest contributors to the CreatiVEmu project, passed away in November 2011.

John was a very active and passionate Wizzard owner, programmer of games (his "Math Launch" game is available in the "BASIC Listings" section of the CreatiVEmu website).

I was lucky enough to buy some unique items from him: original correspondence/letters he received from Dick Smith Electronics and VTech around 1984-1986 containing precious information on the Wizzard and the CreatiVision, the list of available games, etc.

His website, still active, is here: ... izzard.htm

John was survived by his wife Rocio and 2 daughters.

RIP my friend :(

In his memory, I will publish the letters/correspondence I bought from him in early 2011. I was given the full rights on publishing the letters as part of my purchase deal.