Dick smith - Yesterday! :-D

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Dick smith - Yesterday! :-D

Post by MADrigal » Tue May 12, 2015 6:53 am

Matching the other thread (Dick Smith - Today), I think it's also nice to show something coming right from the 80's.

I recently bought a lot of "Electronics Australia" magazines, 12 issues that is Jan to Dec 1982. And I got them today through Australia Post.

The magazines are lovely! Very well kept and full of information and news from that time.

Dick Smith Electronics was the major advertiser on the magazine, so there are dozens of pages with advertisement of electronic equipment, radio's, tv's, computers, etc. And there are articles on Dick Smith as an adventurer, etc.

I have found reviews and advertisements of the Wizzard. I had the article already in low-resolution, so now I have it in hi-res and I have new advertisements too. I will publish them on the CVE site soon.

Also, right yesterday I interviewed a man that was the "Technical Director" at Dick Smith in 1980-1984, so he was in charge at the times when the Wizzard entered the Australian and New Zeland markets.

He's the author of the "Fun way into computers with Wizzard" and "An introduction to home computing with Funvision" books!

I will publish the interview on the CreatiVEmu website very soon!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy those photos of the E.A. magazinses.
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