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Re: Laser 2001 & Salora Manager - official thread

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:37 pm
by Scouter3d
Hi, cool that you have a complete disk system!
in Basic, there is the DISK command... in the magazin, where the listing for "Pipeline" was printed, there is a small reference to disk-users,
it tells you to replace CRUN with DISK "RUN PIPELINE"
so maybe there is something like DISK "SAVE NAME" or DISK "FORMAT" ????
Good luck, TOM:0)

Re: Laser 2001 & Salora Manager - official thread

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:42 am
by MADrigal
The floppy reads MD1D, so I am not sure if it is single, double or high density.

I will try with one of my old C64 diskettes.

When I type DIR, I get a blank line. So there is the possibility that the diskette is unformatted or empty.

I am going to dump the memory into a WAV file, as per @username@'s request. I am also using my 16K memory expansion module before dumping.

Re: Laser 2001 & Salora Manager - official thread

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:43 am
by MADrigal
I have got these photos of the Salora DOS manual (probably included in the floppy disk interface, or the floppy disk drive).

Apparently the MLOAD and MSAVE work just like BLOAD and BSAVE, that is: binary load/save from/to diskette

MLOAD "FILENAME",$xxxx (loads binary file from disk into $xxxx)
MSAVE "FILENAME",$xxxx,$yyyy (saves binary file to disk starting from $xxxx with lenght of $yyyy)

READ doesn't seem to be a standalone command for the BASIC interpreter, but for the floppy disk interface/drive internal interpreter

Reading the manual:



The commands look similar to MLOAD/MSAVE. The $xxxx and $yyyy parameters look different though.

I am interested into knowing more of the DISK command, which "parameter" it accepts, etc. Reminds me of the way I operated the C64 floppy disk drive with the "OPEN" command followed by parameters for formatting, initialising, renaming, deleting, etc.

My Finnish friend, Jarkko, will hopefully scan the whole manual sometimes soon. I can't wait to have it scanned! :-)

Re: Laser 2001 & Salora Manager - official thread

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:52 pm
by Sturmmann
I was investigating zero page in Salora Manager. It seems that BASIC’s CHRGET routine starts at $B1. BASIC uses CHRGET to read text characters i.e. tokenized BASIC program which is being interpreted. The routine can be modified, because it is in zero page (RAM). For example it is possible to add new commands to BASIC.

I used a short BASIC program to find the routine from zero page and print it as a decimal dump to the screen. I converted decimal dump to assembly and calculated addresses in relative branches manually so there can be mistakes. CHRGET routine:

Code: Select all

$B1 INC $B8 
$B3 BNE $B7
$B5 INC $B9
$B7 LDA $xxxx
$BE CMP #$20
$C0 BEQ $B1
$C3 SBC #$30
$C6 SBC #$D0
In practice, the routine is same as in other 6502 Microsoft BASIC variants. The usage of routine is described for example in Mapping the C64 and Programming the PET/CBM books.