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Site news (2024)

Post by MADrigal » Sun Apr 28, 2024 2:44 am

28th April 2024

Long overdue piece of news this time. I originally had plans to post this large update earlier this year but then life outside of this monitor got way too busy. And meanwhile the amount of new materials worth publishing kept growing... So I have eventually decided to wrap it up and share all the new stuff with the community! :-)

On this update, I will mostly focus on newly released homebrew games. I will shortly write one or two more posts regarding recently found articles from old magazines, an interview with a programmer of CreatiVision games, and some resources for programmers wishing to develop new games/programs for our beloved system.

Firstly, a good old friend pointed me to a homebrew games project I was totally unaware of. Not one but sixteen (and counting) games by an Asian programmer with the nickname of Inufuto, owner of a Youtube channel named RetroPC. All his creations are available for an endless list of 8-bit computers, including the CreatiVision. As of today, the available games on CreatiVision ROM format are:
- Aerial - a Scramble clone
- AntiAir - a Galaxian-inspired game
- Ascend - a platform puzzle game
- Battlot - a sort of Wizard of Wor
- Bootskell - a Pengo clone
- Cacorm - a Qix-inspired puzzle game
- Cavit - a Dig Dug clone
- Cracky - a platform puzzle game
- Guntus - a Galaxian clone
- Hopman - a horizontally scrolling platform game
- Impetus - a vertically scrolling shoot'em up
- Lift - a platform climbing game
- Mazy - a scrolling maze escape game
- Neuras - a platform puzzle game
- Ruptus - a Bosconian clone
- Yewdow - a puzzle maze game

Still on the "homebrew" topic, we have a few additions from our super talented and active CreatiVision community:

Mobsie has released two new versions of his excellent Escape game: one for use with emulators and the other bank-swapped, ready to be written on an EPROM for use on actual hardware.

Kym Greenshields has created the CreatiVision version of the popular 2002 puzzle game by Michael Tyrell, Mazezam. His conversion is named The Great MazezaM and is available in two versions: 10 and 35 levels.

All the games listed above are available for download in our Emulation/ROM Programs section.
Note: The ROMs of the games by Inufuto are in "linear mode" and if you wish to use them with Kym's CreatiVision-Emulator emulator, use the "-g" option from commandline.

Our new contributor Joe Bodily from the USA has undertaken a full-scale testing the WAV recordings of original CreatiVision cassettes (from our Releases/Software page on his hardware setup and found out that a few had inaccuracies. He then spent considerable time cutting, stiching and testing the data and crafted fixed versions of six WAV files: Battleships, Bowling, Code Breaker, Concentration, Draughts and Lunar Landing. The files are now available for download in the Releases/Software section.