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Site news (year 2012)

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:22 pm
by MADrigal
February 1st, 2012
First news in 2012! This time I got scans and pictures of very very cool and obscure items like a Wizzard promo sticker from the early 80's era, stuff for the Hanimex Rameses: Air/Sea Battle (box, instructions, cart, overlay), Invaders (box, cart) and the tape module (instructions).
Today I also got scans from a German magazine, Tele Match 4/83 featuring a nice article on the CreatiVision

Credits go to Dieter Koenig from Austria and Mauro Spadazzi from Italy.

Grab all files from the popular Releases/hardware, Releases/software, Articles and Flyers pages!

Re: Site news (year 2012)

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:42 pm
by MADrigal
April 4th, 2012
I'm very very happy to introduce you the very first homebrew interface specifically designed and produced for the Creativision console!

The Creativision Datassette Interface, designed by Thomas Gutmeier of the 8Bit-Homecomputermuseum, is a real state-of-the-art item, individually numbered with professional plastic casing and colour manual.

Read the full story on the new Datassette Interface page and make sure to order your copy from Thomas' website.

Re: Site news (year 2012)

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:39 pm
by MADrigal
June 25th, 2012
I gathered many infos and bought some new and obscure stuff during the past two months, and now it's time to share everything with you! This is gonna be one of the largest updates to the CreatiVemu website ever!

Let's start with the newly discovered hardware.
I got infos from a new Israelian friend, who confirmed that the Creativision sold in his country under the name of Educat 2002 - a common Creativision with just a different title sticker on it, also appearing on the Austrian promo flyer. Attention all Israelian friends and videogames collectors: please contact me in case you have any infos and/or pictures of the Educat 2002 console, peripherals and software!
I also bought myself a very rare, early version of the console, coming from Hong Kong with title sticker in Chinese, having European power plug, RF modulator set for the Great Britain, sticker reading "UK version", and containing Crazy Chicky as pack-in game - very close to the other International/Chinese Creativision I bought last year (the one with censored Crazy Pucker artworks).
More hardware news: we finally have proof that the Rameses tape module exists for real, as I recently bought a copy of the instructions manual!

Now time to speak about the newly discovered software!
There's many many scans and pictures of rare and obscure stuff this time: Rameses versions of BASIC, Air/Sea Attack and Planet Defender; Funvision version of Mouse Puzzle; Japanese Creativision versions of many games, incl. the rare Mouse Puzzle.
I also got scans from a rare Laser 2001 Demo cassette tapes, and bought myself wonderful Catalogues of the Laser 2001 and other computers of the Laser series (available in the Flyers page).

And last but not least, here's the most incredible news of all! I recently put my hands on a very old game cartridge of Police Jump, featuring a different version of the bad dude (named Dangerous Dan): not the "usual" tall prisoner in black/white clothes but a fat, short one in brown/black clothes, reminding much of Donkey Kong! That's probably a very early version of the game, which was soon censored!
Scans of the box, overlays and manual are available in the usual software page, while the actual ROM program is not yet available to public (we still need to dump it!).

Thanks go to Shauli from Israel, Thomas Gutmeier from Germany, Fred Anderson from the USA and Atsushi Yoshihara from Japan!

Re: Site news (year 2012)

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:34 pm
by MADrigal
November 5th, 2012
Even though I recently spent most of my time planning my wedding (September 9th, 2012), I kept on searching for obscure and unknown stuff for the CreatiVision system.

I recently put my hands on a few nice items, which I promptly pictured, scanned, dumped, and I'm now sharing with all CreatiVision fans, then I also got many pics and informations from new and old contributors. Here's a list of the new files.

Software, carts
- Air-Sea Attack (Japanese version): box
- Air-Sea Attack (Zanussi version): yellow paper variant of the manual
- BASIC (Hanimex Rameses): box, hi-res manual
- Crazy Chewy: box, cartridge
- Crazy Chicky (Japanese version): box
- Tank Attack (Zanussi version): yellow paper variant of the manual

Software, cassette tapes
- Air-Sea Attack (Salora Manager): box, tape
- Demo Tape (Hanimex Rameses): box, tape, WAV file
- Sonic Invader (Salora Manager): box, tape

- CreatiVision console (Swiss version): pictures
- CreatiVision console (Australian version): pictures
- Cassette Storage Module (Hanimex Rameses): pictures
- Cassette Storage Module (VTech Funvision): manual
- 16K Memory Expansion Module (Salora Manager): box
- Expansion Module #1 (Salora Manager): pictures

But the most juicy news is about the recently discovered early revision of Police Jump, displaying Dangerous Dan as a "clone" of Donkey Kong (more infos on the news from June 25,th 2012).
Well I'm releasing the dump of the ROM program, and I'm also adding the updated version of the popular interface, CreatiVe-UI (v. 1.09), now recognizing the Police Jump ROM.

I even found some time to convert the WAV sample of the Rameses Demo Tape into a plain TXT file, for use with FunnyMu Unofficial and CvEmu2 emulators.

The new files are available in the Emulators, ROM Programs and BASIC programs pages.

Lastly, there's new scans available in the Articles from the 80's area: a nice advertisement for CreatiVision and Laser 110/210 computers, appearing on German magazine Tele Match issue 6/83, and a nice article on the "console wars" appearing on German magazine Chip issue 3/83. Read them from the usual Articles and Flyers page.

Credits go to Mikko Heinonen from Finland, Basilio Lenzo and Mauro Spadazzi from Italy, Jens Brinkmann from Germany, and James Rich from Australia.