Hello from Italy

Post here first, tell us about yourself, your interests, your country...
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Hello from Italy

Post by sleepwalk7 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:52 am

Hello everyone!
I'm Alex from Italy! My first console was a Mattel Intellivision and since that moment I've always been sorrounded by
electronic devices! While times has changed sadly old ones were overtaken by new technology though 8bits remained in my heart!!
They have finally came back in my life with emulation and retromania and now I see myself in the mirror like a crazy nostalgic retro enthusiastic.
I've rediscovered my favourite ones: commodore c64, amiga, archimedes, arcade, zx spectrum and a I've found out a lot of unknown (by me) little gems like creativision! So I'm not a creativision expert but I'm interested in it just because I've got a curious mind !! I hope to gather new friends and to enjoy my stay in the forum! Happy to be here!! :D
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Re: Hello from Italy

Post by MADrigal » Fri Aug 05, 2016 11:11 pm

Thank you for joining us, Alex. You are most welcome! :)
If you want to read interesting facts about the CreatiVision, you may want to read this article in Italian: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/history_it.php

Also, you will find very interesting scans from old magazines in the "Articles from the eighties" area at this page: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/articles.php - also including pieces of info from the Italian magazines Video Giochi, Computer Games, Electronic Games and Pergioco.

If you are more into the technical aspects of the console, you will find the "fanzine" named "Wizzom" (created and distributed by the now-defunct Australian fan club) a saucerful of information: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/fanzines.php

With regards to the forum you are reading, you will find a meltin' pot of information coming from all over the world. Do not miss to read the "software" and "hardware" development forums featuring articles, ROMs, reverse engineering, diagrams and schemes - also new homebrew games, tools and hardware.

Lastly do yourself a favour. Whilst you try finding a console, do not miss to buy the limited edition cartridges: CSL and Multi-ROM. CSL is a German/Austrian/British production, whereas Multi-ROM is made in Italy.

Cheers :)
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