Site news (year 2017)

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Site news (year 2017)

Post by MADrigal » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:50 am

14th March 2017

Today's piece of news concerns the addition of a huge amount of scanned articles, letters, books and promotional flyers to our archive. Furthermore, I have finally got a rare Israelian CreatiVision - which photos are also now included in our database.

The list of newly added materials is quite impressive and I truly hope that you download all the files and enjoy them as much as I do!

Articles: one of the largest updates to this section ever! Most of the new files are articles that were originally published on U.S. magazines in 1982-83, concerning the soon-to-be release of the CreatiVision in North America.
One article in particular is extremely important as it tells the story of the Atari-vs-VTech Court Case related to the infringement of the Pac-Man license through the "Crazy Moonie" game.
Huge thanks to Anders Carlsson and Jarkko Pitajamaki for sourcing the newly added articles, listed below:
- Hong Kong Court action hits Pac-Man imitators - Billboard (U.S.A.)
- In Focus - InfoWorld (U.S.A.)
- Mikrot Rivissa - Printti (Finland)
- New Home Computers at the Winter CES - Compute! (U.S.A.)
- News Products - Electronic Fun with Computer & Games (U.S.A.)
- Stalking the East-Asian Microcomputer - Byte (U.S.A.)
- What's new - Radio-Electronics (U.S.A.)

Books: Mauro Spadazzi has provided scans of a rare Italian book, a sort of mini-encyclopedia of video game consoles also mentioning the CreatiVision system and games.
- I Computer Games - Italy 1985

Flyers: scans of mega rare flyers from Australia and Japan, and the official Membership Form to subscribe the (now defunct) Laser Computer Club!
- CreatiVision (later A4 flyer) (Cheryco, Japan)
- Hanimex Rameses personal computer/video entertainment system (Hanimex, Australia)
- Laser Club membership form (VTech, Hong Kong)

Letters and Original Docs: this brand new section hosts scans of original documents such as purchase receipts of CreatiVision-related items as well as letters sent by VTech, Dick Smith Electronics, computer clubs and other companies. All the materials are reproduced under permission of the owners/authors.
This section is dedicated to the memory of one of the longest-time contributors of this project, mr John Pospisil of Sydney. He sold me most of the letters a few months before passing away in November 2011. Rest in peace, John!
- 4 letters from Dick Smith Electronics (Australia)
- 1 letter from VTech featuring the games price list for 1986 (Hong Kong)
- 1 letter from the Wizzard User Club founder (Australia)
- 1 letter regarding game trades between two enthusiasts (Australia)
- 1 purchase receipt from a Dick Smith Electronics store (Australia)

Releases/Hardware: photos of the ultra-rare Israelian variant of the CreatiVision, the "Educat 2002".
- Educat 2002 (Israel) - photos

Releases/Software: scans of rare game boxes, manuals and cartridges provided by Tim Venn, Jarkko Pitajamaki, Marko Santamaki and Christopher John.
- Auto Chase - instructions manual and cartridge at high-resolution (Funvision)
- BASIC Interpreter 1.0 - box and manual (CreatiVision, South Africa)
- Locomotive - box and cartridge (Salora Manager)

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Re: Site news (year 2017)

Post by MADrigal » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:22 am

12th April 2017

After a long search, I finally managed to find the rare Japanese edition of a few games. I have just scanned boxes and manuals and added the new scans to our database, as indicated below. I hope you enjoy the files!

- KURE-JI PAKU (Crazy Paku) - box and manual at high resolution (Cheryco, Japan)
- CHIKYUU BOUEIGUN (Earth Defense Force) - box and manual at high resolution (Cheryco, Japan)
- PORISU JAMPU (Police Jump) - box and manual at high resolution (Cheryco, Japan)


Enjoy! :)