Wizzard Match-3 (a bejewelled/candy crush style clone)

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Wizzard Match-3 (a bejewelled/candy crush style clone)

Post by eggmceye » Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:11 am

Hi everyone,

Bin & source code (in C) is available on my website:

I have finished a bare bones match-3 game for Creativision. It is written in C and compiled with cc65 with a slightly modified cc65 config to squeeze it into an 8k cart, which for me was the easiest to burn an EPROM and try it on a real wizzard with a socketed 8k cart (made from a dead sonic Invader!) Of course, it works with the creativision.exe emulator, which is what I tested it on during development.
It's quite bare bones but also quite playable. With cc65 I was only limited to a bit over 300 lines of C (!) and had to do some real code golf and other poor programming practices in order to get it all to fit onto an 8k cart.

On that page is also a schematic of an 8k cart for wizzard (like I said, I just gutted a dead sonic invader) - and it's quite easy to burn 8k bins to the ubiquitous 27c64 eprom for playing on a real CV!

Other than code golf the biggest hurdle was having to read the VDP manual to work out how to define custom chars, and plot to screen with different colours, neither of which are supported natively by cc65. If you are interested in how I got those work, commented source code is available on my website linked above. Note also that the timing of a real CV is different to an emulator and I had to slow down a lot of pokes when writing to the VDP: things that worked in emulation didn't work on a real CV. Also cc65's clrscr() doesn't work properly on real hardware, but I have run out of space (in the bin) and enthusiasm to fix that !

I'm pretty sure with some tweaking of cc65 config you could make a 16k version and add some more features & polish, but I'm done with it 8-)
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Re: Wizzard Match-3 (a bejewelled/candy crush style clone)

Post by Mobsie » Sat Jan 22, 2022 10:10 am

great yes. 16kb are easy to do. To slow down vdp access is something i not like but if it work for you then okay,
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