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» 9th November, 2002

New release. My 33rd simulator is:

- Oxota/The Hunt (Elektronika) S3/1.00 (Standard 3, final).

I'm about to complete the simulation for VTech's DK-like videogame Monkey Jump. I hope that I'll have some spare time to finish it sometimes soon.

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»6th September, 2002

I just fixed a few bugs, and I'm now releasing:

- Donkey Kong (Coleco) S3/1.01 (Standard 3, minor fixes).

I apologise for releasing the game with such nasty bugs, I admit that I really didn't notice them before. :-(

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» 4th September, 2002

Release #32 is online, and once again it's a simulator of a masterpiece videogame from the 80's - one of the top requested simulators ever:

- Donkey Kong (Coleco) S3/1.00 (Standard 3, final)

The game is a portable version of the classic coin-op, featuring both the girders and rivets levels! Be sure to read the instructions carefully, both the "readme.txt" file and the instructions manual browser included in the game archive!

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» 31st July, 2002

My good old friend, Hitman, warned me of a minor bug in my latest release. I just fixed it and I'm now releasing it:

- Mario Bros (Nintendo, Game & Watch Multi Screen) S3/1.00a (Standard 3, minor bug fix)

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» 29th July, 2002

I've been very busy for a long long time: social service, studies, girlfriend, etc... Now I'm back to programming again, and this time I'm sure you'll *love* this brand new Game & Watch Simulator - my 31st release.

The series: Multi Screen... The name: Mario Bros... Anything else to say?

- Mario Bros (Nintendo, Game & Watch Multi Screen) S3/1.00 (Standard 3, final)

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Next game: the long awaited Donkey Kong Coleco tabletop simulator - I just wish I'll keep having some spare time for it this summer!

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