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» 17th September, 2012

It took me five years to meet the lucky owner of a complete copy of the rare Tennis Menace handheld! And he was so kind to send me full scans of the instructions manual! So a big "thank you" to mr Chris Childs!

Also, I finally discovered the actual name of VTech's tiny necklace handhelds game series: that's "Sporty Time & Fun", not "Tooth-Sporty Time & Fun" as I first thought.

I'm now releasing the following updated games:
- Hippo Teeth (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun) S4/1.06 (Standard 4, fixed game name)
- Hotline (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun) S4/1.03 (Standard 4, fixed game name)
- Tennis Menace (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun) S4/1.04 (Standard 4, manual added) + source code

The new games and the newest MADrigal CD Collection ver. 57.6 are available for download on the usual downloads page.

» 16th January, 2012

Today's releases are updates to previously released simulators, and they're great updates indeed!
The new games are:

- Mickey Mouse (Nintendo, Panorama Screen) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
- Parachute (Nintendo, Wide Screen) S4/1.04 (Standard 4, major improvements and fixes) + source code

Thanks to my friend Davide Calabṛ for providing me with scans from the original Parachute manual.
All files are available for download on the usual downloads page as well as the popular MADrigal CD Collection ver. 57.5.

I recommend you to read the changes on the whatsew files included in each new game archive.

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