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» 24th December, 2020

Exactly three years ago I released my most recent simulator, the "special edition" of Nintendo's classic pocket game Donkey Kong - Multi screen.

I had no actual plans to release anything new or update any previously released games, but I recently received a bug report from an old friend-slash-beta-tester, and it was quite an annoying bug requiring an urgent fix. So here we are: bug fixed and new release of the game - Nintendo's Parachute from the beloved Wide Screen series.

This new release fixes a bug occurring (rarely) in Game B, to parachuters hanging from the palm tree. Details of the new releases below:

- Parachute (Nintendo, Game & Watch Wide Screen) S5/5.01 (Standard 5, bug-fix) + source code
- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 60.1
- ClrMamePro datfile ver 20201224 [60.1]

All files are available for free download at the usual downloads page. Enjoy the game and wish you all a lovely, safe and healty Christmas! :-)

» 24th October, 2020

Not many know that my programming experience was with the Commodore 64 BASIC language, back in 1985. My favourite magazine was Zzap!, the Italian version of the British Zzap!64 published by my two heroes: Oliver Frey and Roger Kean.

Back in 2015, I designed a free-press magazine to celebrate the success of the magazine and its authors, whom I had the pleasure to meet and interview a few months earlier. The magazine has just been re-released by Iskandar Publishing, with some extra content and a new design, that I did personally and am quite proud of. :-) It comes in Italian and I am currently working on the English version which, hopefully, will be printed next month!

The magazine can be ordered through Progetto Iskandar and all the money raised funds the Cultural Association Retroedicola Videoludica of which I am a big fan and supporter! (and I do this all for free!)

I was informed that the magazine will soon sell through Amazon, news agencies and book stores across Italy. Stay tuned!

» 14th August, 2020

14th August. It is a very special day in my hometown. Traditionally, my townsfolk would be doing the "Candelieri" festival, a 500+ years old parade - now UNESCO-listed. Not happening this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, unfortunately!

Let's find another way to feel happy and busy this weekend. I suggest the read of the new issue of RetroMagazine World! It's a free-press, free-for-download 60+ pages PDF magazine in English and Italian. It's packed with articles, reviews and in this issue there is a 7-page interview with myself. I speak about the genesis of this project back in 1999, I tell anedoctes, explain the programming process and also present a few other projects from my past.

I have made available two small PDFs containing the magazine cover and the interview, one in Italian and one in English. Both files are available for free download in the Press Review section.

I hope you enjoy the read! A special wish in my hometown's style: "A zent'anni!" (wishing you to live 100 years!).

» 11th May, 2020

First update after more than one and a half year of silence. Lots of things happened in my life, lots of changes, maybe too many... which kept (and still keep) me away from programming new games. Well, not a big deal, 'It's just a matter of priorities' they say. At present, programming videogames is not my priority. Maybe one day, who knows...

Anyway, the scene is still alive and we *DO* have new releases coming every now and then.

This time I am thrilled to announce a new collection! Russian programmer Brickachu has packaged all 59 simulators available for RetroArch and made them available for Nintendo Switch. Here's a screenshot of the interface:

Don't miss to watch the demonstration video on this Youtube page.

The package is quite large (200+ Mbytes) and includes the latest releases of RetroArch, the gw-libreto core, all 59 games and screenshots. It is available for download at the usual downloads page. Enjoy!

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