MADrigal's simulators

» How to contribute

There are a few ways you can contribute my preservation project in several ways.

  1. Scans and pictures from the following stuff are highly needed in order to complete the simulators:
    - Bomb Fight (VTech, Mini Time & Fun): instructions, box
    - Bomb Fight (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun): instructions, box
    - Crazy Chewy (VTech, Electronic Tini-Arcade): instructions
    - Hot Line (VTech, Mini Time & Fun): instructions
    - Hot Line (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun): instructions, box
    - Hippo Teeth (VTech, Mini Time & Fun): instructions, box
    - Hippo Teeth (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun): instructions, box
    - Monkey Jump (VTech, Arcade Time & Fun): instructions
    - Motor Cross (Queentex): instructions, box
    - Tennis Menace (VTech, Mini Time & Fun): game, box, instructions
    - Wild Man Jump (VTech, Electronic Tini-Arcade): instructions
  2. If you have any old handhelds and you wish to donate me them, well how could I reject them? :-)
  3. I accept donations via Paypal since 2010. Donate whatever you want, the sum is not important - anything is welcome.
    Simply click the Paypal donation button on the top menu, making my life happier and my passion stronger! :-)

» List of contributors - since 1999

Big thanks to the following people whose help was priceless. They made this all come true.

Akio Osakada                   Alessandro Bertolotti          Alessandro Romano              Andre Leiradella
Andy Cole                      Angela Becciu                  Anthony Lavenu                 Ave Robertson
Bas Utervijk                   bdove67                        Brett Hicks                    Bruno Pratico
Bruno Tinteri                  Carlos Calderon                Chris Childs                   Cogweasel
Daniele Pinna                  David Calandra                 David Gschmeidler              Davide Calabro
Davide De Angelis              Dot Dorrington                 Eddie Slattery                 Ettore Tola
Francesco Campese              Francesco Meloni               Fredrik Kellen                 Gautier Caddet
Gerhard Meyer                  Giuseppe Gristina              Guyfawkes                      Harm-Jan Kamstra
Harry Yiannakis                HCF-Retrocoder                 Hiroshi Kaneko                 Hyperspin Community
Ilja Judeikin                  Jan Henke                      Janusz Daga                    Jaro Gielens
Joao Machado Accorsi           Jori Piippola                  Julian Ross Olds               Leandro Jardim
Lio Kit Wah                    Luca Zossi                     Luciano Lunetta                Luc Miron
Mano Hassan                    Marco Fonsa                    Marco Lago                     Massimiliano Dessole
Massimiliano Tili              Massimo Posadinu               Maurice Simon                  Milos Panayiotakis
Old Game Box                   Pierpaolo Fois                 Rafael Lepoutre                Rene Van Egmond
Ridwan Hughes                  Robert Kacsich                 Roberto Mayrhofer              Roberto Ventura
Rik Morgan                     Scott Jackman                  Shawn Muller                   Simone Congiu
Simon Herman                   Stefano Sciretti               Steven Read                    The Guru
Tino Bellu                     Vasco Serafini                 Vittorio Schirru