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» 23rd May, 2021

Koby Goldberg did it again! After surprising us all with the release of his great simulator of Popeye (Nintendo Wide Screen) three months ago, he has decided to go one step further.

Not satisfied to have the game running on Windows only, he has created an upgraded version of the game for Android!

This new version is fully playable via touch-screen, runs at very high resolution and the LCD screen can even be zoomed in, to transform your phone (or tablet) into a modern version of a Game & Watch.

The game is currently in open beta status, which means that you are encouraged to play and send your comments and bug reports to Koby directly, by using the link provided within the Android app. Do it before 30th June 2021.

The new release is:

- Popeye (Nintendo, Game & Watch Wide Screen) for Android - Version S5/0.9 open beta
* The game was tested on Android 7, 8 and 11 - but should work on any device equipped with 4.4 'Kitkat' or higher
* The zip file contains the APK installer and all game documentation

Get it for free from the usual downloads page!

» 12th April, 2021

I was recently given the opportunity to speak about my project with handheld games enthusiast and university professor Ryan Claytor on his brand new Game and Cast podcast. In the one-hour interview I speak about my experience as programmer of handheld games simulators, as well as my other projects related to retrogaming.

The interview is avaialble at the following pages:

* Spotify
* Google Podcast

The shownotes with photos are available at this page:

* Elephanteater (Ryan's blog)

Don't miss to listen to this podcast, and all other episodes. New episodes are released every second Monday! :-)

» 28th February, 2021

I am very pleased and excited to write this post!

For the first time since I started "MADrigal's simulators" back in 1999, I was very recently given the opportunity and honour to mentor and help a programmer eager to make his very first handheld game simulator.

His name is Koby Goldberg, and the game in question is Popeye - Nintendo Wide Screen Series!

And for the first time, MADrigal's Simulators hosts a handheld game simulator that was not programmed by myself, but instead it is the result of Koby's talent and efforts, with just a little help from me. And let me tell you, this simulator is really excellent!

Compared to the other simulators on this website, Popeye has a few additional features that make it a not-to-be-missed download:

  • two skins (one designed by Koby, perfect for large monitors, and one designed by myself, ideal for smaller monitors)
  • a demo animation identical to that of the original handheld game
  • the "in-game pause" option.

This is how the game looks like on the two included skins (and you can replace the entire game graphics with your own design!)

I would also take this opportunity to introduce a new cool podcast that launches tomorrow. The author, Ryan Claytor, is a university professor in the United States with a passion for gaming history. His podcast will focus on classic handheld games and will release fortnightly starting 1st March, 2021. Podcast is at and any podcatching app!

Back to the new releases! This is the list of new files:

- Popeye (Nintendo, Game & Watch Wide Screen) S5/1.00 (Standard 5, final) + source code
- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 61.0
- ClrMamePro datfile ver 20210228 [61.0]

All files are available for free download at the usual downloads page!

» 14th January, 2021

I have recently been contacted by a very talented and passionate programmer named Koby Goldberg, who provided a lot of ideas and materials, which I utilised to improve the accuracy of the simulation of my "Parachute" simulator.

As it is my birthday today, I have decided to make you my very personal gift: an updated version of the game. This new release incorporates a few significant changes in the game source code, which results in the simulator being much closer to the original game, than it has ever been in any previous release! This all thanks to Koby for his precious help!

See below list of today's new releases:

- Parachute (Nintendo, Game & Watch Wide Screen) S5/5.02 (Standard 5, more accuracy) + source code
- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 60.2
- ClrMamePro datfile ver 20210114 [60.2]

All files are available for free download at the downloads page. Have fun!

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