Datassette Interface v1.0

Firstly, this is NOT an official CreatiVEmu release.

This is a homebrew product designed and produced by an Austrian CreatiVision fan Thomas Gutmeier.


If you have a CreatiVision unit and the BASIC interpreter cartridge, you will need a specific cassette tape deck to load and save programs. Unfortunately, finding an original (and fully working) CreatiVision cassette tape deck can prove very hard and expensive .

Moved by the desire to use file "dumps" of CreatiVision tapes (the ones available for download in "WAV" format at the Releases/Software page), talented Thomas Gutmeier made studied a way to connect his PC audio card to the console, and succeed almost immediately!
He published the whole story on the Forum and he got feedback, suggestions and requests by the community of CreatiVision enthusiasts.

The interface then evolved significantly to the point of now letting users load and save from/to original cassette tapes via inexpensive and common Commodore 1530/C2N Datassette units that were originally made for use with VIC-20, C64 and C128.
Lastly Thomas designed a professional packaging with casing, sticker and manual, and numbered each copy individually.

Even though this is not a CreatiVEmu team product, we are truly happy to "sponsor" this great product! because we feel it's a very useful tool for CreatiVision users and collectors, and encourages more people to invent and develop more homebrew tools!


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- plastic casing with full colour sticker
- 4-page full colour instructions manual
- limited edition, individually numbered

For more information or if you're willing to purchase the Datassette Interface, please fill in the form below and Thomas will reply as soon as possible.

Don't forget to also visit Thomas Gutmeier's website: 8Bit-Homecomputermuseum.
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