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21st March, 2016
A totally unexpected and great piece of news today!

I very recently came across a previously unknown variant of the "Tennis" cartridge, branded by Dick Smith Electronics. This features a very noticeable graphics element that differs to all the previously known versions of the game: the advertising banner behind the tennis court which is, in this particular case, yellow/cyan/black.

This is not the first time I come across variants of the Tennis game, featuring different graphics. This is, in fact, the fourth known version of the game ROM.

According to the manufacturing dates printed on the game ROMs, I understand that this version of the game was the first ever produced for the Australian market, specifically for Dick Smith Electronics. Probably a short-lived version, soon replaced by the one we all know (that is, the one with red/blue/white advertising banner).

This is the list of new files available for download:

- Tennis, Dick Smith Electronics (box with extra "Dick Smith Championship" sticker)

- CreatiVe-UI V. 1.11, now compatiblw with the newly dumped Tennis ROM

- Tennis, Dick Smith Electronics R1, earlier

Big thanks to my good friend, Herman Hermitage from Hobart, for providing tech support to dump the precious EPROMs. Thanks, buddy!

1st January, 2016
Happy new year everybody! 2015 has been an important year for the CreatiVision community, thanks to the restless CSL Team who released the wonderful CSL Module after over one year of development!
Hopefully 2016 will be as generous as 2015 in terms of development of new software programs and games.

Meanwhile, I am sure that you will love the new scans and photos of rare CreatiVision and Laser 2001 items that I am adding to the database. This is the list of new files:

- CreatiVision MK-II, Laser 500 variant (German manual)
- Salora Manager (codes of box and manuals)

- Crazy Chicky, South African version (manual)
- Deep Sea Adventure, Salora Manager version (manual)
- Tennis, CreatiVision version (later box variant)
- Who's For Tennis, Hanimex Rameses version (box, cartridge)
- CSL Module, homebrew (box, cartridge, tape interface)

Thanks to Jarkko Pitajamaki, Oreste Antignano, Gernot Hirth and Thomas Gutmeier for providing the materials and unvaluable support!

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