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3rd April, 2015
G'day my friends! The sun shines high in Canberra on my first autumn in Australia. Unfortunately no big news and discoveries on the Dick Smith Wizzard side, but I have found something equally interesting for you. I am sure that you will enjoy the new stuff listed below:

Releases/Hardware: Albert B. has sent in high quality photos of the following rare item:
- Laser 2001 computer, German version (box)
Manu Parssinen provided information and a few photos of rare items for the Salora Manager, such as the printer cable and the cassette tape player. He will provide more pictures in the next months, so stay tuned!

Articles: Roberto Ventura and Anders Carlsson provided scans from Italian and Swedish magazines concerning the CreatiVision:
- Branschfil: CreatiVision from Min Hemdator n. 4/1983 (Sweden)
- Un flipper in salotto from Zerouno n. 22/1983 (Italy)

Books: Mauro Spadazzi has sent in scanned copies of a rare wholesale catalogue from a subsidiary of the Italian distributor of the CreatiVision:
- Zanussi/Seleco catalogue 1983/84 (Italy)

Flyers: Anders Carlsson provided scans of a beautiful Swedish flyer/advert appearing on Min Hemdator, showing the games in blistered cassette packs:
- En hemdator till nitta och noje for hela familjen (Sweden)

Emulators: @username@ recently released a new version of his cool (despite the uncool name :-P) creatiVision emulator with a ton of features, including the emulation of the Laser 2001/Salora Manager computers and load/save games from/to file.
In accordance to the author, the file can be downloaded from his website only. You will find all details on the Emulators page.

BASIC Programs: added listings for Laser 2001 extracted through @username@'s emulator and utilities:
- Basic 1: Learning - Typewriting (German)

Many thanks to all the contributors for providing the new materials!

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