Technical information

All CreatiVision models (including Wizzard, Rameses and Mark-II) do share the same hardware - except a few slight variations. Such hardware is wide more advanced than the one in other home-computer/consoles which were released at the same time as CreatiVision.

Release year: early 1982 to late 1984 (depending on countries)
Manufacturer: Video Technology Ltd. (aka VTech, VTL), Hong Kong
Main CPU: Rockwell 6502A (8-bit) running at 2 MHz
Video CPU (VDP): Texas Instruments TMS9918/9929 for NTSC/PAL versions
resolution: 256x192 pixels at 16 colours (15 + transparent)
text mode: 24 rows, 32 columns, 8x8 pixels per char
sprites: up to 32 monochrome sprites on screen, max 4 per row
Audio CPU (SPU): Texas Instruments SN76489
audio channels: 3 tonal + 1 noise
I/O interface: Motorola 6821 PIA
RAM: 16 KBytes (dynamic VRAM) + 1 KByte (static CPU RAM)
ROM: 2 KBytes BIOS program
Keyboard: 2x24=48 membrane keys; additional moving-key keyboard available
Joystick: 2 built in, each having 16 directions and 2 separate fire buttons (triggers)
Interfaces: expansion/cartridge slot, cassette tape module, TV out (RF)

... to be continued...