Diagnosticart v1.0

We've been recently offered two obscure "test carts" for CreatiVision. Seller told us that they were used by staff at Zanussi Elettronica back in the 80's - probably given by VTech "for internal use only". One cart allows CPU test, and the other features two programs (selectable via a switch) to test keyboard and VDP (video chip).

They're probably the rarest CreatiVision items that ever surfaced, since we never got any informations on those before, thus we had no idea on the featured ROMs. So we got very excited at the idea of getting the only ROMs we missed for CreatiVision!

It took us around 2 months and a lot of money to buy all the required stuff we were asked as a trade for these test carts, but in the end we're done, and we just planned to share them with the CreatiVision fans community as usual!

Since we have a few PCBs and plastic cases we didn't use for Multicart (we bought many more than we needed), we planned to use them to build a very few more carts, featuring the diagnostic softwares only: that's the new "Diagnosticart"!

Producing the Diagnosticart costed us a little bit less than the Multicart, so we could save on costs. This means that we're able to sell Diagnosticarts at a much lower price than we did for the (very cheap too) Multicart!

Pre-orders were closed on March 16th, 2009. In the end we produced 40 carts, a few of which feature a 32-pin socket for EPROM, as requested by buyers. The socketed version can be upgraded easily if some new program ever surfaces!


[click pictures to enlarge]

- individually numbered deluxe cardboard box with internal cartridge holder
- 2-page booklet featuring instructions for all included programs
- 1 Mega-bit EPROM including up to 4 ROM programs
- professional PCB featuring 2-way DIP Switch to easily select the included ROM programs
- 100% compatible with CreatiVision, Dick Smith Wizzard, Funvision, Rameses, Laser 2001 and Salora Manager
- specially designed plastic case with individually numbered classic title stickers
- limited edition to 40 copies. no reprint scheduled
- list of featured programs:
  CPU test (note: not yet available!)
  Keyboard test
  Video test
  Video + Audio test

As of August 2009, Diagnosticart is sold out. 38 carts were sold, that's all except #1 and #40, which will go on auction on Ebay sooner or later, in special packages with additional prints, schematics and prototype stuff.

We will inform people via this website, soon before auctions are running.