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» 3rd November, 2003

More game updates today, thanks to the contribution of the kind gentleman Julian Ross Olds: he sent me scans from the instructions manual of Banana by VTech. I use the occasion to celebrate my degree in Engineering (October 21st) by releasing the updated game with instructions manual browser woho!

- Banana (VTech, Time & Fun) S3/1.03 (Standard 3, graduation release!)

Also updated (minor clock routines bug-fix):

- Lifeboat (Nintendo, Game & Watch Multi Screen) S3/1.04 (Standard 3, graduation release!)

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» 16th July, 2003

Yet another update in a sunny and relaxing July... Thanks to the contribution of Lio Kit Wah from Hong Kong, who submitted scans from the original instructions manual, I was able to complete the simulator of:

- Egg (Nintendo, Game & Watch Wide Screen) S3/1.02 (Standard 3, manual added)

It also features new Fmod 3.6 library. Also updated:

- Banana (VTech, Time & Fun) S3/1.02 (Standard 3, minor bug-fix)

The fix concerns the clock rendering routines, the addition of a shaped form adding more realism to the game, and the addition of the Fmod 3.6 sound library.

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» 13th July, 2003

No news on the forthcoming simulator for Galaxy II (Epoch) yet... unfortunately my tasks at the university took most of my time recently. I am planning to release the game next Summer.

In the meantime, I'm updating a simulator of a true classic game (thanks to Jerry Chan for reporting the bug). Game now correctly saves keysettings, and I also added the newest Fmod sound library (ver. 3.6).

Updated game:

- Mario Bros (Nintendo, Game & Watch Multi Screen) S3/1.01 (Standard 3, minor bug-fix)

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» 6th March, 2003

While completing my forthcoming simulator for Galaxy II (Epoch), I got a couple of great tabletop games by my good friends Roberto Ventura and Januz Daga, that's Wild Man Jump and Chicky Woggy by VTech!

I applied the graphics of the former to the source code of my previously released simulator of Monkey Jump (that's the "handheld" version). In this occasion, I also updated the handheld simulator with an important bug-fix.

The new releases are:

- Wild Man Jump (VTech, Electronic Tini-Arcade) S3/1.00 (Standard 3, final) (release #35)
- Monkey Jump (VTech, Arcade Time & Fun) S3/1.01 (Standard 3, bug-fix)

Get them from the downloads page!

NOTE: the tabletop version was also released with other names: Hop' Man, Jungle Rescue and Il Folle Innamorato.

» 1st January, 2003

Happy new year everybody! :-) I'm happy to release my new videogame today (release n. 34) that's:

- Monkey Jump (VTech, Arcade Time & Fun) S3/1.00 (Standard 3, final).

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