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» 24th December, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho!

What better way to celebrate than playing your favourite classic videogames under the Christmas tree? And when they are completely free, the games play even better! :-D

As announced a few weeks ago, I am today releasing my very own re-interpretation of Nintendo's most iconic pocket game: Donkey Kong Multi Screen.

This "Special Edition" application simulates the gameplay of the old classic Game & Watch with a few minor changes. Even though the gameplay is almost the same, the graphics and audio experience have been improved significantly: everything has been re-designed from scratch!

The game features four stages, each with custom-made images and sounds effects. Tweaking the included "config.ini" files, you have the power to create and add your own images, remove any of the existing, change the order of the stages, make the game play your own sound effects, or... whatever you have in mind! :-)

The included stages are listed below:

  • 1. "Sunset City" features black LCD graphics on a black skyscraper on a cityscape background. The graphics is an adaptation of the beautiful DK Wallpaper designed by Old Game Box a few months ago.
  • 2. "Panorama Screen" is inspired by the beloved colourful electronic games of the same series, released by Nintendo in 1983-1986. The graphics feature coloured sprites on a black background and show how the game would have looked if it was released as a Panorama Screen game.
  • 3. "Coin Op World" utilises graphics from the classic arcade coin-op Donkey Kong (with adaptations from me). Sound effects also come from the original arcade game.
  • 4. "Classic G&W" is the real pocket game displayed very realistically, to provide the real experience of having the game on your crowded desk. It utilises the photo of a real Game & watch as pictured by my long time friend Roberto Mayrhofer.

The below image shows two of the four settings and one intermission screen, shot at 1366x768. Note the game requires screen resolution of 1024x768 as a minimum, however the bigger the screen, the better! Best results are obtained on 1920x1200 desktops.

Read below list of new files released today:

- Donkey Kong G&W Special Edition version S5/5.00 - for Windows only
- MADrigal CD Collection version 60.0 - for Windows only
- ClrMamePro DATfile - version 60.0

The files are available for free download from the usual downloads page.

I wish to express my gratitude to Old Game Box and Roberto Mayrhofer for providing portions of the game graphics, and Mike DX and Paul Rahme for providing a few sound effects. This game could not be the same without your help! :-)

» 8th December, 2017

KMFDManic, author of the NES Mini and SNES Mini portings of all simulators, has just released updated collections of his MADrigal for NES Mini and for SNES Mini, incorporating all the recent changes included in the gw-libretro core.
This is the list of new files:

- MADrigal for NES Mini, version 2017-12-07
- MADrigal for SNES Mini, version 2017-12-07

The files are available for free download from the popular downloads page.

» 6th December, 2017

Andre Leiradella, author of the Libretro/RetroArch portings of all simulators, has just released updated gw-libretro core and numerous games containing bug-fixes.

The list of new games follows, all updated to version S4/2017-12-06:
- Caccia al Ladro (VTech, Mini Time & Fun)
- Chicky Woggy (VTech, Arcade Time & Fun)
- Chicky Woggy (VTech, Electronic Tini-Arcade)
- Donkey Kong (Coleco)
- Donkey Kong Circus (Nintendo, Panorama Screen
- Donkey Kong Jr. (Nintendo, Panorama Screen)
- Hippo Teeth (VTech, Mini Time & Fun)
- Hippo Teeth (VTech, Sporty Time & Fun)
- Mario's Bombs Away (Nintendo, Panorama Screen)
- Parachute (Nintendo, Wide Screen)
- Penguin Land (Bandai, LSI Game Double Play)
- Snoopy (Nintendo, Panorama Screen)
- Snoopy (Nintendo, Table Top)

I highly recommend you get the new games files from the downloads page, as well as the new core from the RetroArch Auto-Updater tool.

» 4th December, 2017

The time has come to release the final version of all (59) games to the newest Standard 5 format. This update was announced over one month ago and follows about six months of hard programming work and one month of intense beta-testing and refinements. During this time, i have been working closely with very talented programmers and graphic artists who helped out a lot.

In addition to all the features of the "beta versions" published in October, the new releases feature new functionalities and bug-fixes. For example, it is now possible to switch full-screen and windowed modes from the on-screen menu or by pressing F12 in-game.

Today's news is not just about the release of all Windows versions of my games. Thanks to the effort of great guys like Andre Leiradella, HCF Retrocoder and KMFDManic, all games are now fully playable on more than 15 platforms including Android, Apple, Raspberry, Linux, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU and the newest NES and SNES Mini consoles!

The list of new files updated during the past few weeks is impressive:

  • Standalone simulators

    - All 59 games for Windows - version 5.00 (many of which with source code)

    - All 59 games for RetroArch/Libretro - portings by Andre Leiradella, based on Standard 4 sources

  • Collections

    - MADrigal CD Collection for Windows and ClrMamePro DATfile - version 59.S5

    - MADrigalPSP for Sony PSP and PSVita - version 1.0 by HCF Retrocoder, based on Standard 4 sources

    - MADrigal for NES and SNES Classic - version 2017-11-05 by KMFDManic, based on Standard 4 sources

See below images of the new simulators for Windows and RetroArch (and derivatives)

All files available for download at the usual downloads page.

More news

MADrigal's Simulators has gone social! The brand new Facebook page will provide updates on the world of handheld simulators on a regular basis, so get connected!

A new article and video review of this project was recently published on Emumovies. The article is now available for download on the usual Press Review page.

What's next?

There are quite a few new things coming up in the next few weeks. Just a couple of teasers below:

MADrigalX and Donkey Kong Special Edition -(both scheduled for release before Christmas 2017) you better stay tuned! :-)

» 16th October, 2017

Huge, huge, HUGE news today!

During the past five months, I upgraded all of my games (59) by adding numerous features that had been requested by many users over the years. I have always wanted to add those features but never really found the time and the willingness to commit myself in such an extensive "makeover" of my games.

But then in the end, I made my decision and added the following new features to all games:

  • Fullscreen mode (default). The old "shaped game" mode is still available as an option.
  • Wallpaper/backdrop with logo/watermark. They can both be customised by the user, and replaced with others.
  • Skins system. All of the game graphics and instruction manuals can be replaced to suit the player's needs. Explanations how to generate skins are provided with each game. Suitable for players that use small or huge monitors, so that they can use small or big graphics. Or they can replace the characters, (imagine playing Donkey Kong with Luigi, or Sonic!), backgrounds, make graphics lighter or darker, etc. Everything is now possible!
  • On-screen menu available when game works in fullscreen mode.
  • Key configurator added to all games
  • Touch-screen compatible. All games can be operated fully via keyboard, or mouse and touch screen.
  • Button overlays, allowing to play certain games via mouse and touch-screen, can be enabled/disabled at will.
  • Graphics improved and upgraded to all games.
  • "VFD glow" effect added to all VFD-screen games, making the gaming experience ultra realistic!
  • Sound effects volume normalised to all games.
  • Fully configurable by editing the included .ini file

The games have been tested over the past months by users of the wonderful Hyperspin community, under a "private beta testing" scheme. Now the time has come for the OPEN BETA phase!


Over the next 30 days (that is, until 16th November 2017) you will be given the opportunity to download and try the beta versions of all games. After this period, all games will be fixed, tweaked, updated and lastly released as "final versions".

Simply head to the usual downloads page and download the complete games package (CD Collection Beta) or the 59 standalone games (beta versions). Then send me an email with your bug reports, comments, or requests for changes before the deadline - being 16th November 2017.

I look forward to receiving your comments!

Please be informed that, as soon as the final versions of the games are released (by say mid December 2017), the new games will also be made available for RetroArch - thanks to the work of incredibly talented Brazillian programmer Andre Leiradella. RetroArch is part of the LibRetro project and works on Android, Apple, Windows, PS3, PSVita, Wii, WiiU, 3DS and many more popular platforms.

Following the release of the Retroarch versions, my new friend HCF-Retrocoder will also publish the new games under this MADrigalX and MADrigalPSP that allow the games to run on Xbox and Sony PSP!

And hopefully, Kyland Kainbryce (author of the porting to NES Mini) will have some time to also upgrade his package with the new games!

Then a new surprise game will be released on Christmas, so stay tuned!

The below animated screenshot shows how the included skins and wallpaper "look" at different monitor resolutions.
The included skins work well between 1024x768 (minimum) to fullHD 1920x1080. You may want to change the graphics with larger, or smaller, to fit your needs.



The below image shows a couple of the new features, being the on-screen menu and the "VFD glow" effect (comparison between the old and new graphics)



Find below thumbnails of all new 59 games with their skins and included wallpapers/backdrops - many of which were custom made by contributors, graphic artists (and myself) specifically for this project. (note thumbnails were shot at 1366x768 resolution)



This is the list of new downloadable files:

  • Standalone games (all Standard 5 beta versions)
  • Bandai Electronics
    - 1x LCD Game Digital: Las Vegas
    - 1x LSI Game Double Play: Penguin Land

    - 1x LCD tabletop: Donkey Kong Junior
    - 1x VFD tabletop: Donkey Kong

    - 3x LCD: Explorers of Space, Fowling, Frog Boaster

    - 1x VFD tabletop: Galaxy II

    - 3x LCD Card Game: Donkey Angler, Tom & Jerry Popper, Towering Rescue

    Mattel Electronics
    - 1x LCD: Dungeons & Dragons Computer Fantasy Game
    - 2x LED: Armor Battle, Sub Chase

    - 5x Wide Screen: Egg, Mickey Mouse, Parachute, Snoopy Tennis, Turtle Bridge
    - 4x Multi Screen: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Lifeboat, Mario Bros.
    - 5x Panorama Screen: Donkey Kong Circus, Donkey Kong Jr, Mickey Mouse, Mario's Bombs Away, Snoopy
    - 2x Tabletop: Donkey Kong Jr, Snoopy

    - 1x LCD: Motor Cross

    - 2x VFD tabletop: Pac Man, Tron

    - 8x Classic Time & Fun: Banana, Condor, Escape, Monkey, Pancake, Pirate, Safari, Sleep Walker
    - 5x Mini Time & Fun: Bomb Fight, Caccia al Ladro, Cessate il Fuoco, Hippo Teeth, Hot Line
    - 4x Explorer Time & Fun: Baseball, Defendo, Engine Room, Roller Coaster
    - 3x Sporty Time & Fun: Hippo Teeth, Hot Line, Tennis Menace
    - 2x Arcade Time & Fun: Chicky Woggy, Monkey Jump
    - 3x Electronic Tini-Arcade: Chicky Woggy, Crazy Chewy, Wild Man Jump

    unknown manufacturer
    - 1x Game & Time: Grab Man

  • CD Collection (59.S5.beta)

All files available for download at the usual downloads page.

» 22nd May, 2017

I made it. It took ten long years for me to upgrade all my handheld simulators to the most recent "Standard 4". This process started with the release of Mickey Mouse Panorama Screen in October 2007 and step by step the new features were added to all 59 games.

Today I am releasing an updated version of the last game which had been in my "to do" list for years. It is a very beautiful and well-designed game featuring intriguing "artificial intelligence" routines making the game vs CPU particularly challenging.

As usual, the new version features brilliant and larger graphics, improved sounds, tons of fixes and - for the first time in my simulators collection - a brand new key configurator control panel allowing players to redefine all game buttons by assigning any key on the keyboard (this comes very handy for the users of arcade cabinets and game launchers).

This is the usual comparison between the new and old versions of the game - I really do hope you appreciate the improvements!

This is the list of new downloadable files:

- Penguin Land (Bandai, LSI Game Double Play) S4/1.04 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)

- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 59.28
- ClrMamePro DATfile ver. 20170522 [59.28]

Grab them from the popular downloads page.

What's next?

To be honest, I have not yet made a decision about my next step in this huge simulation project. I have been coding simulators for almost 18 years now and, despite still enjoying doing that a lot, I do not have much spare time to devote myself into programming new games.

I think I may firstly upgrade all my other simulators by adding all the new features such as the removeable splash screen and key configurator control panels. Or maybe I end up deciding to code a new game simulator... we'll see. I will keep you posted, as usual.

In the interim, enjoy the new release!

» 6th March, 2017

Second to last release in my scheduled process of upgrading all my simulators to my newest standard ("S4"). Today's game is again a classic from Gakken: Donkey Angler (also known as Fishing Boy).

The source code is brand new, the graphics have been improved significantly and the game can now be fuly operated via keyboard - making it ideal to install on PC arcade cabinets.

This is the usual comparison between the new and old version of the game simulator:

I am also releasing an updated version of Tom & Jerry Popper, following the request from a few users. The "time mode" can now be operated with both "1" and "3" keys, making the simulator compatible with various PC cabinet setups.

This is the list of new downloadable files:

- Donkey Angler (Gakken, LCD Card Game) S4/1.05 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
- Tom & Jerry Popper (Gakken, LCD Card Game) S4/1.05 (Standard 4, minor update)

- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 59.27
- ClrMamePro DATfile ver. 20170306 [59.27]

All files available for download at the usual downloads page.

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